LARPers, shill groups, and other adversarial entities

First in a series of reveals coming October 21.


Vulnerabilities in Technicolor ADSL residential gateways

In my previous post, I mentioned, as an aside, a remotely exploitable WAN-side CWMP/TR-069 vulnerability in Technicolor ASDL residential gateways, a vulnerability affecting the customers of many foreign ISPs. This has generated some interest from folks who wish to use the vulnerability to ‘unlock’ their ISP-provided gateways for custom configuration and whatnot, but it’s overkill for doing that. I’ll tell you precisely how to ‘unlock’ the gateway by using a LAN-side vulnerability in the latest firmware (if for nothing else than to disable the CWMP/TR-069 daemon), and then I’ll give you some hints on the CWMP/TR-069 vulnerability.

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Trump DNS logs fabricated?


On October 31, 2016, Slate published an article titled “Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?” This article described the work of Professor L. Jean Camp and her colleagues, all of whom had developed an interest in the activity of, an email-marketing server associated with the Trump Organization:

The computer scientists posited a logical hypothesis, which they set out to rigorously test: If the Russians were worming their way into the DNC, they might very well be attacking other entities central to the presidential campaign, including Donald Trump’s many servers. “We wanted to help defend both campaigns, because we wanted to preserve the integrity of the election,” says one of the academics, who works at a university that asked him not to speak with reporters because of the sensitive nature of his work.

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